Just another Autumn Storm

Every so often,

The elements of nature rally together their forces

With all their might they conspire to create

The perfect most beautiful autumn storm

Wherein under the warm glow of streetlights at dusk

With a little help of an evening shower

And the sway of something in between a breeze and a wind

Those orange, yellow and red leaves

Begin to ever so slowly and hesitantly

let go of their tightly held grasps and grips

Surrendering, to that final journey of free falling

They swirl, twirl and twist their way down to the ground

As though in a trance,

Dancing to an enchanting song

In some kind of sublime magical atmosphere

Transporting them from this lifetime to the other.

So it goes, the circles and seasons of life

One day with a heartbeat and a rhythm

Another day part of the very soil

atop which their foundations continue

To stand mighty and strong

The new leaves that will come alive in spring

Will forever hold the dna of their ancestors

That fell last fall and the fall before

When you think of it this way,

On one such beautiful autumn day

Grief melts and makes way

For something more fluid

Flowing with ease, meandering

Circling us back and forth 

to beginnings and endings 

In warm forever sort of ways.

Death of a dear one, a dear idea or dear part of us 

we lived with for a short or long while

Finally begins to leave it’s weight so we may once again have hearts that are light as feathers.