No matter how lost and removed you may feel

In your moments of sorrow

How alone and lonely you may feel

When stuck in a deep and dark pit

No matter the blahs and blands of apathy

The fright, the horror even of your blocks

Holding you hostage

Turning overwhelm into panic

No matter how wrapped up you may be in wrath

And no matter your inability to let go and forgive

Trust there will be days like today

When the sun will shine its warmth

And the cool breeze will blow you a kiss on your face

It will awaken you once again to that feeling of MARVEL

You may have forgotten you have felt before in your life

Casting the most beautiful reflection

Of your very luminous self

That too is undeniably a part of you

As is your sorrow, loneliness, apathy, wrath and everything else

You’ve come to live with

and when you find yourself reconnecting with that moment

When through a tiny aperture

MARVEL has been able to penetrate its way back into your life

Linger there for a bit longer

Greet it like a long-lost friend

Get to know it and let it know you

In that re-acqainting, new life will germinate

Adding windows and doors

In that otherwise seemingly impenetrable prison room

You’ve been residing for this long or short while

Perhaps it’s the vessel of MARVEL

That will move you from one season to another